Our Engagement

Self Development

  • Knowing and Reaching - Vision and Mission
  • Listening to the Inner Compass : Realising one’s value system
  • Ignite the power within - Leadership program
  • Honoring my Talent - Realizing the strengths
  • Know my de-railers- Owning myself in totality
  • Emotional Intelligence – a way to connect to self and others
  • Habits – The essence of Self growth
  • Being a Team Member : Supportive leadership

Team Development

  • Let us discover our values of work – Defining Team culture and Values
  • Delegation - Challenges and Dilemmas
  • U, me and We - Collective Leadership
  • Gender Sensitivity - Accepting the differences and respecting the
  • Accountable teams for Sustainable Growth - Workshop on being accountable
  • I am Ok –You are OK- Collaborative Teams

Organizational Development Consultancy

Alignment is the optimal state where the key elements of an organization – people, strategy, customers and processes are aligned and integrated to work in concert with each other to achieve Business results. We help organizations in aligning themselves to their purpose and seek continual growth.
  • Aligning the Values : Organizations survive and succeed when they build a strong VALUE system along with a Passionate Vision. CMAC Learn brings its strength of aligning the individual values to Organizational Values to achieve sustainable growth
  • Vision + Strategy: You may have a fast boat, but if your people aren’t all rowing in the same direction, if your culture is creating drag, you’re not likely to win the race. It’s as simple as that. In business it’s about getting everyone — from your leaders down to your shop floor — aligned to your strategy and goals.
  • Building Leadership Capability: Capable Leadership is by far one of the most elusive yet essential factors in creating an organization that achieves outstanding and sustainable results. Building leadership capability into tangible results is both a science and art.
  • Enhanced Choice for breakthrough Performance : In a dynamic Business environment it is vital for organizations to survive the bouts by enhancing their Choice making ability. We bring awareness of organizations’ multi-dimensional presence by our strategic Consultancy.

Process Development Programs

CMAC LEARN with decades of presence in the industry brings expertise to train individuals and teams in their Domains to improve the on job productivity. We will bring global expertise to train your team in setting standards and staying committed. We could create a customized programs for your organization .
A few of them :
  • Safety at work place
  • Quality at Work
  • Customised Reporting systems
  • Materials Management Systems
    • Inventory management
    • Procurement system
  • Basic Finance Modules needed for all employees
    • Costing
    • Budgeting
    • Profitability measurement
  • HR systems Enhancement
    • Recruitment process
    • Organizational structure
    • Performance measurement systems
  • Customized Sales and Marketing Process
  • Maximizing Machine productivity

Coaching Assignments

Leadership Coaching :Leaders are alone at the top and always look for those confidential moments to share and evolve. We emotionally connect to our clients and encourage them to make authentic conversations in sharing their dilemmas and leverage their strengths resulting in empowering decisions.
Mentoring the mentors;Ultimately it is always the interna l mentoring resources that helps the organizations build openness and connectedness . We Coach the mentors to enhance the “coachable moments”.
Encourage to be Vulnerable : We create a rapport with the executives to share their vulnerable moments and offer support both professional and personal front to accept themselves better .

We Deliver Customised Training Modules Based On Our Study And Your Need

Apart from the corporate world

Awaken the Entrepreneur : An entrepreneurship development module for the young who want to start an enterprise and also for those who want to shift from Employment to Entrepreneurship.
Women Leadership : A program which addresses the issues around Women leadership and promotes the need for women leadership in organizations and society at large motivating the women to take up the challenge.
Student Leadership : Personal leadership and Vision centric outlook are some of the favourite topics we deal with students.